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*Frequently Answered Questions*

Q: Who should use the Quick Add link?
A: The "Quick Add" link should be used by patrons of the facility that do not see their gym listed in the database.  Gym owners should use the "Add A Gym" link.

Q: Does it cost money to add a gym to this website directory?
A: Yes, $25.00 per year which comes out to $2.08 per month and it gives you a dedicated website for your facility!

Q: If I'm a gym owner or manager, how do I Add and Edit my facility information to this website?
A: Click on the "Add A Gym" , and register a User Name and Password. Then "Login" and edit your information if needed.  We will assist for free if needed.

Q: Why should I pay to be on your site?
A: The Gym Locator website  allows you to upload pictures, logo and detailed information about your gym including your website URL.  This feature gives  you a dedicated web page that can linked back to your website and has the potential to be discovered by the search engines..

Q: After I "Add A Gym" , and pay the year fee of $25.00, how do I upload my pictures, logo and detailed information?
A: Login to the website.

  • In the Upload Photos section, click on "Browse" to locate small (Thumbnail: up to 200 x 200) version of your logo on your computer.
  • Then click "Browse" to locate a slightly larger version (Picture) of your logo.
  • Then enter a "Description", Example: [CompanyLogo]
  • Now click on the "Upload!" button.  Your company logo is now loaded!
  • Now click on the "Extended information editor".
  • From here you can click "Browse" to Upload a picture or pictures of you facility.
  • Enter all of the details about your gym including amenities, programs and website URL.

The Ultmate Changing Towel!

Tired of trying to keep that beach towel from falling down around your waist when changing into dry clothes after a great day at the beach or epic surf session.....?

TogaBeachâ„¢ has the solution!  The Toga Beach changing towel can be used as a standard beach towel and when it's time to change into some dry cloths, just put it over your head like a poncho and change in relative privacy and comfort without fear of baring all in front of your fellow beach goers and surfers! On cold days, just keep the Toga Beach changing towel on to stay warm and enjoy the feel of soft, high quality terry cloth.  This ultimate beach towel makes the perfect gift for that surfer, beach or pool person who has almost everything

The TogaBeachâ„¢ towel was originally created out of necessity. After many wonderful surf sessions we found it cumbersome trying to change out of a cold wet bathing suit with a regular beach towel rapped around the waist.

The Toga Beach towel is not only useful, comfortable and warm, it is also becoming popular at beaches around the world and has many more uses.

Who should use the TogaBeach Changing Towel?

  • Gym & Heath Club users
  • Beach Bathers
  • Surfers
  • Swim Teams
  • Water Polo Teams
  • Pool & Spa  Users
  • Scuba Divers
  • Boating & Water Skiers
  • White Water Wafting
  • Young Children

What are the Benefits?

  • Keeps you covered
  • Keeps you warm
  • Inside Velcro pocket
  • Super soft terry velour
  • Keeps kids hands free

Sizing Information

  • XSmall - Children ages 18 months to 5 Years Old
  • Medium - Adults 5' 4" to 5' 10" tall
  • Large - Adults 5' 11" tall and above

Where to buy?



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